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Open 24 hours

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Meet Our Hero Donors

These Heroes Wear Fur Coats!

At Red River Animal Emergency Hospital and Referral Center, we believe our donor pets are true heroes. Because they make regular blood donations, our veterinarians are able to save the lives of sick or injured cats and dogs in the Fargo-Moorhead region. Meet each of our canine and feline blood donors, and learn a little about them! We also track how much blood they have donated to our efforts. To learn more about how your pet can become a blood donor hero, read our Donor FAQs.


Chocolate Chip

Donations: 9

Favorite Pastimes: Fetch, fetch, fetch, pool time, fetch, wrestling with my canine sister Caramel Roll, fetch, being near my people, fetch, barking, more fetch, and pool time.

Favorite Foods: All foods are a go, except lettuce and spinach.

Naughtiest Thing I’ve Done:  I’m not naughty.



Nicknames: Gaugie or Gaugers

Donations: 9

Favorite Pastimes: Fetch, swimming, laying in the pool, playing in water, wrestling with his canine brother Griffin, hunting, and playing with his dino toys.

Favorite Foods: : I will eat almost anything!

Naughtiest Thing I’ve Done:  Counter surfing for people food, took an entire slice of pizza from my mom’s plate.




Nicknames: Jim or Jimbob

Donations: 9

Favorite Pastimes: Chasing rabbits, playing fetch, visiting grandpa, wrestling with my canine brother Gus, and getting baths from my feline sister Cynder. 

Favorite Foods: : Anything and everything.

Naughtiest Thing I’ve Done:  Either between eating rocks, 1 loaf of bread/bag of popcorn off the counter, or eating the head off mom’s great grandma’s ceramic cat. 



Donations: 14

Favorite Pastimes: Going to the farm, running with my mom, agility, and sharing my home with foster doggies.

Favorite Foods: Sugar snap peas and popcorn.

Naughtiest Thing I’ve Done:  I’ve stolen a ham, a cheeseburger, and a sub sandwich from my mom’s friends.



Nicknames: Pup

Donations: 12

Favorite Pastimes: Trail riding and playing with his puppy.

Favorite Foods: Pizza bones.

Naughtiest Thing I’ve Done:  Ate an entire pizza off the counter!



Nicknames: B, Bebo, Blooregard Q., Kazoo, Tiny One

Donations: 6

Favorite Pastimes: Playing with my Kong ball (the only thing I can’t chew apart) and going to Grandma and Grandpa’s on Little Pelican Lake.

Favorite Foods: Peanut butter!

Naughtiest Thing I’ve Done:  Tore apart a garbage can and threw a garbage party in the living room!


Nicknames: Joker Boker

Donations: 9

Favorite Pastimes: Playing with any toy my sister is playing with and going to the Vet.

Favorite Foods: Anything and everything.

Naughtiest Thing I’ve Done:  Hog the blankets and kick mom and dad off the bed.


Nicknames: Josie Girl

Donations: 8

Favorite Pastimes: Going to the lake, pheasant hunting, and placing socks in their “right spot” around the house.

Favorite Foods: Bark box treats and my dog food!

Naughtiest Thing I’ve Done:  Dug a big hole in mud by the side of the house, spraying mud all over the house, patio, and myself right before mom had to work!



Nicknames: Spider Monkey, Spydee, Spy

Donations: 10

Favorite Pastimes: Volunteering at the library in the Paws to Read program, going to Petco, and playing with my monkey and spider toys.

Favorite Foods: Cheez-its and ‘Nilla wafers.

Fun Fact:  Im a retired race dog.



Nicknames: Kai, Ronie, Puppers

Donations: 6

Favorite Pastimes: Fetch, swimming, riding in the car, bonfires, more fetch, and more swimming.

Favorite Foods: Peanut butter! (…a lot)

Fun Fact: My favorite music is jazz.




Nicknames: Cletus Leroy

Donations: 9

Favorite Pastimes: Playing with my T-Rex Kong stuffy and cruising around the section.

Favorite Foods: Anything!

Naughtiest Thing I’ve Done:  There’s too many to list!


Nicknames: Maeby Moo, Maebs

Donations: 7

Favorite Pastimes: All the dog testing of new dogs into 4 Luv of Dog rescue, which is my favorite place to go for new friends!

Favorite Foods: Life cereal.

Naughtiest Thing I’ve Done:  Pottied in the basement.



Nicknames: Berks

Donations: 9

Favorite Pastimes: Going to the dog park.

Favorite Foods: Peanut butter.

Naughtiest Thing I’ve Done:  Ate holes in the wall and my mom’s Uggs.


Nicknames: Mollusk

Donations: 6

Favorite Pastimes: Going to Grandma’s house and playing with my Kong toy.

Favorite Foods: Eggs.

Naughtiest Thing I’ve Done:  Chased a rabbit down the street and didn’t listen to my dad when he told me to come back!


Nicknames: Kya Monster, Pretty Girl

Donations: 8

Favorite Pastimes: Going to the lake.

Favorite Foods: Peanut butter.

Naughtiest Thing I’ve Done:  Ate “snacks” from the kitty boxes.


Nicknames: Griffy, Gingy, Griffindor (when im not listening)

Donations: 6

Favorite Pastimes: Jumping and bouncing and playing with his best friend Nigel and brother Gauge.

Favorite Foods: People food, treats, anything.

Naughtiest Thing I’ve Done:  Ripped apart one of my mom’s books and eat out of the litter box.



Nicknames: Alfie DooDoo Head

Donations: 5

Favorite Pastimes: Playing with my Caterpillar toy, going to the park, and playing with my Great Dane sister and my pooper scooper (dad).

Favorite Foods: Cheese.

Fun Fact:  I am a retired race dog; I have run 160 races in my life!



Nicknames: Stank, Hank the tank, Hanky

Donations: 5

Favorite Pastimes: Going to the farm, sleeping with my cat, and playing with tennis balls and squeaky toys.

Favorite Foods: Anything that smells good.

Fun Fact:  I was trained for search and rescue!


Nicknames: Spanky

Donations: 6

Favorite Pastimes: Going to work with mom!

Favorite Foods: Anything!

Naughtiest Thing I’ve Done:  Ate 2 bags of parade candy and puked all over the bed.



Nicknames: Willis

Donations: 9

Favorite Pastimes: Playing with my Kong and driving around the countryside.

Fun Fact:  I flew from Texas as a puppy!

Naughtiest Thing I’ve Done: Ate burgers off the counter.



Nicknames: Bear

Donations: 9

Favorite Pastimes: Swimming at the lake and playing with my moose antler!

Favorite Foods: Kong Cheese.

Naughtiest Thing I’ve Done:  Chase the horses through the fence.


Nickname: Mils

Donations: 5

Favorite Pastimes: Going to the dog park.

Favorite Foods: Anything!

Naughtiest Thing I’ve Done: Marked my territory in other dogs’ homes.


Nicknames: Bedhead

Donations: 5

Favorite Pastimes: To the lake!

Favorite Foods: Iams

Fun Fact: I am learning sign language!



Nickname: They just call me Zeus

Donations: 9

Favorite Pastimes: Going for walks, playing with balls and ropes, playing in the water and mud.

Favorite Foods: Meat scraps

Naughtiest Thing I’ve Done: Marked my territory in other dogs’ homes.

Addie Jo Ann

Nicknames: Dire Wolf, Polar Bear, Lady Big Butt

Donations: 2

Favorite Pastimes: Going to Turtle River State Park

Favorite Foods: Lorna Doone Cookies

Naughtiest Thing I’ve Done:  I tore a door frame down because I spent 1 week without Elmo (my cat) during a move…we dont even get along.


Nickname: B, Baby dog

Donations: 5

Favorite Pastimes: Living life

Favorite Foods: Everything!

Fun fact: I’m a Parvo survivor!


Nicknames: Link

Donations: 1

Favorite Pastimes: Grandparents’ lake home

Favorite Foods: Chicken or cheese

Naughtiest Thing I’ve Done:  While digging through a wood pile, I saw a vole run out and I ate it!


Nickname: Wiggle Butt

Donations: 4

Favorite Pastimes: Playing fetch!

Favorite Foods: Everything, mostly eggs!

Fun fact: I’m a rock collector. I also am a Canine Good Citizen, I hold my Beginner Novice title.


Nicknames: Blazey

Donations: 4

Favorite Pastimes: Anywhere to play fetch!

Favorite Foods: Sardines!

Fun Fact:  I am a Canine Good Citizen, I hold my Beginner Novice title.


Nickname: Boo Bear, Hera Boo

“My auntie Christina calls me Hera Panera” *Insert Hera’s eye roll*

Donations: 2

Favorite Pastimes: Going to Grandma’s, playing with my rope duck toy

Favorite Foods: Peanut butter with fruit!

Naughtiest Thing Ive Done: I LOVE to counter surf! Since I’m so big, anything on the counter is fair game!



Donations: 3

Favorite Pastimes: Anywhere!

Naughtiest Thing Ive Done: I chewed the wall when I was little, now I make better choices.  

Fun Fact:  Even though I’m big now, I still make mom lift me into the vehicle.


Nickname: Kenai the Wild Guy, Nai, King Nai

Donations: 1

Something Unique About Me: I’m working on harness/sled training 

Favorite Foods: Peanut Butter!

Naughtiest Thing Ive Done: I once ate a Christmas present


Nicknames: GT’s Red Baron (racing name)

Donations: 1

Favorite Pastimes: Going to local breweries

Naughtiest Thing Ive Done: Stealing fuzzy socks

Fun Fact:  I am a retired racing Greyhound!



Nicknames: Eosinophil, Eos

Donations: 5

Favorite Pastimes: Bringing random things – toys, dirty laundry, you name it – to my mom

Favorite Foods: Any wet food!



Nicknames: Noodles, Thumbcat, TC, Neutrophil (when I’m in trouble), and Papa Neut

Donations: 11

Favorite Pastimes: Napping, rolling in shoes, knocking things off counters for the dogs to get into, and babysitting.

Favorite Foods: Wet food, pill pockets, and more wet food.

Fun Fact:  I love babies! I’ve fostered over 20 kittens. I also make hand turkeys for thanksgiving!


Nicknames: Cindy

Donations: 10

Favorite Pastimes: Catching mice, giving baths to everyone in the house, belly rubs, cuddling with my feline sister Sarabi, and talking.

Favorite Foods: Cat food, dog food, human food, mom’s houseplants, and hair ties.


Nicknames: Jojo

Donations: 9

Favorite Pastimes: I like to cat, guardian of the staircase, and drooling when I’m happy!

Favorite Foods: Striped Gophers.



Donations: 6

Favorite Pastimes: Playing with birds.

Favorite Foods: Pocket Gophers.


Nicknames: Pepperoni, Catdog, Kittenmoo, Baloney

Donations: 6

Favorite Pastimes: Playing fetch, going to grandma’s house.

Favorite Foods: Anything fish

Naughtiest thing I’ve done: Ate my mom’s foam roller



Nicknames: Huckleberri

Donations: 4

Favorite Pastimes: Being outside

Favorite Foods: Striped Gophers

Zachary Sprinkles

Nicknames: Sprinkles, Sprinkle Drinks

Donations: 3

Favorite Pastimes: Sleeping, kennel hopping

Favorite Foods: Any dry food – no treats! Also the oil off the top of the wet food.

Fun Fact: I live at Paws & Prairie Veterinay Clinic

Naughtiest thing I’ve done: When I first got to Paws & Prairie, I liked to urinate on the dog & cat food product- which is how I got the name “Sprinkles”


Nicknames: Bubs, Mr. Bubbles, Bubby, Hubba Bubba, Cat

Donations: 6

Favorite Pastimes: Playing with my crinkle rainbow ball

Favorite Foods: Anything the dog is eating

Fun Fact: My name was Chicken Nugget at the shelter and my mom adopted me on the spot.


Nicknames: Quill-Quill, Quilliam, Gerald, Climbing Puppy

Donations: 2

Favorite Pastimes: Playing with rope/string toys, going everywhere with my dad.

Favorite Foods: EVERYTHING!

Fun Fact: I love to talk and yell.

Naughtiest thing I’ve done: Opened the freezer door and spoiled all the meat since I was home alone for 10 hours.


Nicknames: Junie Bug, Junie, Lovey, Kissy, Kinny, Kissykins, General Kissykins, Kitty, Kissykitty, Fatso, Fatface, Fluffy, Choony. 

Donations: 2

Favorite Pastimes: Playing with my Hotwheels car, sleeping in the bathroom closet. 

Favorite Foods: Turkey-Lurkey

Fun Fact: I like to wake my dad up by stroking his moustache.

Naughtiest thing I’ve done: I “booped” a glass of cherry red Kool-Aid off the table. 


Bio coming soon!