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Treatment Area Kennels

The Red River Animal Emergency Hospital and Referral Center has an advanced treatment area and surgery suites. We have multiple treatment tables. We have spacious kennels and runs to welcome all sizes of patients, including two fully enclosed and climate controlled oxygen kennels with ventilator capabilities. The Red River Animal Emergency Clinic has different styles of digital infusion pumps to fit the needs of any specific treatment for a patient. We are capable of blood and plasma transfusions as well as fast- and slow-rate fluid infusions.

We have two in-house surgery suites with SurgiVet® veterinary anesthesia monitoring systems, ventilators, bright lighting and more. We are able to perform many complex in-patient and simple out-patient emergency surgeries.  

Treatment Area & Surgery Suites

Red River Animal Emergency Clinic

Emergency Veterinarian

Surgery Suite 2

Surgery Suite 1

SurgiVet® Monitoring