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Visit veterinary ophthalmologist, Dr. Sinisa Grozdanic, two days a month at RRAEC for your pet's eye health needs. Click here to schedule an appointment today. 


​Animal Eye Consultants of Iowa

Dr. Grozdanic regularly works at the Animal Eye Consultants of Iowa. If you have questions, please contact him there. 


About Dr. Grozdanic

Dr. Grozdanic obtained his veterinary degree from the University of Belgrade, Serbia in 1998. Following his basic veterinary education, he obtained his doctor of science degree (PhD) in the field of neuroscience (2002) and finished his clinical veterinary ophthalmology residency in 2007 at the Iowa State University (ISU). Dr. Grozdanic was an assistant professor and staff ophthalmologist with the Department of Veterinary Clinical Sciences at ISU (2007-2011).

Dr. Grozdanic published 27 manuscripts and one book chapter in the field of glaucoma, neuroprotection, autoimmune retinal disease, ocular imaging and stem cell therapy for blinding ocular diseases. He also gave more than 50 national and international presentations on advanced diagnostic and treatment modalities for different eye diseases.

Dr. Grozdanic also has the distinguished honor of being the first veterinary ophthalmologist in North America to perform artificial corneal transplants in a veterinary patient and he has developed numerous novel diagnostic and treatment routines for different canine, feline and equine ocular diseases. He is actively consulting for US Department of Defense and Secret Service canine units, and he also provided free consulting to more than 80 veterinary ophthalmologists from 6 different continents on more than 300 complex veterinary ophthalmology clinical cases.

Dr. Grozdanic performs all complex extraocular (eyelid and corneal surgeries) and intraocular (cataract, glaucoma and vitreo-retinal surgeries) procedures. His special interests include early diagnostic modalities for glaucoma and retinal diseases, advanced medical and surgical procedures for treatment of glaucoma, endoscopic ocular and orbital surgeries, laser therapy for different ocular diseases, special therapies for autoimmune retinal diseases, and stem cell based therapies for blinding ocular diseases.