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Name: Cynder

​Nicknames: Cindy

​Donations: 4

Favorite Pastimes: Catching mice, giving baths to everyone in the house, belly rubs, cuddling with my feline sister Sarabi, talking. 

Favorite Foods: Cat food, dog food, human food, mom's houseplants, and hair ties

Feline Hero Board

Meet each of our feline blood donors and learn a little about them! We also keep tally of how much blood they have donated over their time as a donor with RRAEC. Also, check out our canine Hero Board.

Name: Neut

Nicknames: Noodles, Thumbcat, TC, Neutrophil (when im in trouble), and Papa Neut

Donations: ​6

Favorite Pastimes: Napping, rolling in shoes, knocking things off counters for the dogs to get into, babysitting. 

Favorite Foods: Wet food, pill pockets, and more wet food. 

Fun Fact: I love babies! I've fostered over 20 kittens. I also make hand turkeys for thanksgiving! 

Name: Tink


​Donations: 2

Favorite Pastimes: Playing with birds

Favorite Foods: Pocket Gophers

Name: Eo

​Nicknames: ​Eosinophil

​Donations: 1

Favorite Pastimes: Hiding in the basement, bringing my mom Christmas stockings and clothes. 

Favorite Foods: ​All wet food, Temptation cat treats.

Name: Jolene

​Nicknames: Jojo

​Donations: 2

Favorite Pastimes: I like to cat, guardian of the staircase, drooling when i'm happy!  

Favorite Foods: Striped Gophers