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Name: Dinah

Nicknames: Bear

​​Donations: 5

Favorite Pastimes: Swimming at the lake and playing with my moose antler.

Favorite Foods: ​Kong Cheese

Naughtiest thing I've done: Chase the horses through the fence.

Name: Cletus

Nicknames: Cletus Leroy

​​Donations: 4

Favorite Pastimes: Playing with my T-Rex Kong stuffy, cruising around the section. 

Favorite Foods: ​Anything!

Naughtiest Thing I've Done: There's too many to list! 

Name: Maeby

Nicknames: Maeby Moo, Maebs

​​Donations: 4

Favorite Pastimes: All the dog testing of new dogs into 4luv of dog rescue, which is my favorite place to go for new friends! 

Favorite Foods: ​Life cereal

Naughtiest Thing I've Done: Pottied in the basement! 

Name: Hank

Nicknames: Spanky

​​Donations: 2

Favorite Pastimes: Going to work with mom!   

Favorite Foods: Anything!

Naughtiest Thing I've Done: Ate 2 bags of parade candy and puked all over the bed. 

Name: Josie

Nicknames: Josie girl

​​Donations: 5

Favorite Pastimes: Going to the lake, pheasant hunting, placing socks in their "right spot" around the house.  

Favorite Foods: Bark box treats and my dog food!

Naughtiest Thing I've Done: Dug a big hole in mud by the side of the house, spraying mud all over the house, patio, and myself right before mom had to work! 

Name: Rolex

Nicknames: Pup

​​Donations: ​8

Favorite Pastimes: Trail riding, playing with his puppy

Favorite Foods: Pizza bones

Naughtiest Thing I've Done: Ate an entire pizza off the counter!

Name: Jimmy

Nicknames: Jim or Jimbob

Donations: 8

Favorite Pastimes: Chasing rabbits, playing fetch, visiting grandpa, wrestling with my canine brother Gus, and getting baths from my feline sister Cynder. 

Favorite Foods: Anything and everything   

Name: Griffin

Nicknames: Griffy, Shark Bait, Griffindor

​​Donations: 4

Favorite Pastimes: Jumping and bouncing, playing with his best friend Nigel and brother Gauge. 

Favorite Foods: ​People food, treats, anything

Naughtiest Thing I've Done: ​Ripped apart one of my mom's books, eat out of the litter box. 

Name: Chocolate Chip

Donations: ​5

Favorite Pastimes: Fetch, fetch, fetch, pool time, fetch, wrestling with my canine sister Caramel Roll, fetch, being near my people, fetch, barking, more fetch, and pool time.

Favorite Foods: All foods are a go, except lettuce and spinach.    

Name: Millie

Nicknames: Mils

​​Donations: 2

Favorite Pastimes: Going to the dog park   

Favorite Foods: Anything!

Fun Fact: I can clear a 4 foot fence from a sitting position just to get those darn squirrels!

Name: Gauge

Nicknames: Gaugie or Gaugers

​​Donations: ​6

Favorite Pastimes: Fetch, swimming, laying in the pool, playing in water, wrestling with his canine brother Griffin, hunting, playing with his dino toys. 

Favorite Foods: I will eat almost anything!​Naughtiest Thing I've Done: Counter surfing for people food, took an entire slice of pizza from my mom's plate.   

Name: Mercedes

​​Donations: ​10

Favorite Pastimes: Going to the farm, running with my mom, agility, sharing my home with foster doggies.

Favorite Foods: Sugar snap peas, popcorn. 

Naughtiest Thing I've Done: I've stolen a ham, a cheeseburger, and a sub sandwich from my mom's friends. 

Name: Burghley

Nicknames: B, Baby Dog

​​Donations: 1

Favorite Pastimes: Swimming in the livestock tank   

Favorite Foods: EVERYTHING.

Something Unique About Me: Im a Parvo survivor!  

Name: Spyder

Nicknames: Spyder Monkey, Spydee, Spy

​​Donations: 5

Favorite Pastimes: Volunteering at the library in the Paws to Read program, going to Petco, playing with my monkey and spider toys. 

Favorite Foods: Cheez-its and 'Nilla wafers

Fun Fact: I am a retired race dog!  

Name: Bloo

Nicknames: B, Bebo, Blooregard Q., Kazoo, Tiny One

​​Donations: 5

Favorite Pastimes: Playing with my Kong ball (the only thing I can't chew apart) and going to Grandma and Grandpa's on Little Pelican Lake.

Favorite Foods: Peanut butter!

Naughtiest Thing I've Done: Tore apart a garbage can and threw a garbage party in the living room!

Name: Kya

Nicknames: Kya Monster, Pretty Girl

​​Donations: 4

Favorite Pastimes: Going to the lake

Favorite Foods: ​Peanut butter

Naughtiest Thing I've Done: Ate "snacks" from the kitty boxes

Name: Molli

Nicknames: Molluse

​​Donations: 2

Favorite Pastimes: Going to Grandma's house, playing with my Kong toy.  

Favorite Foods: ​Eggs

Naughtiest Thing I've Done: Chased a rabbit down the street and didnt listen to my dad when he told me to come back!

Name: Dillon

Nicknames: Willis

​​Donations: 5

Favorite Pastimes: Playing with my Kong and driving around the countryside. 

Naughtiest thing I've done: Ate burgers off the counter.  ​

Fun Fact: I flew from Texas as a puppy!

Name: Ada

Nicknames: Bed Head 

​​Donations: 2

Favorite Pastimes: Going to the lake!   

Something Unique About Me: I am learning sign language! 

Naughtiest Thing I've Done: ​I used to eat socks! 


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Name: Joker

Nicknames: Joker Boker

​​Donations: 5

Favorite Pastimes: Playing with any toy my sister is playing with, and going to the Vet

Favorite Foods: Anything and everything

Naughtiest Thing I've Done: Hog the blankets and kick mom and dad off the bed. 

Name: Berkley

Nicknames: Berks

​​Donations: 3

Favorite Pastimes: Going to the dog park. 

Favorite Foods: ​Peanut butter

Naughtiest Thing I've Done: Ate holes in the wall and my mom's Uggs. 

Name: Zeus


​​Donations: 5

Favorite Pastimes: Fetch, playing in the water and mud, chewing on ropes.

Favorite foods: Meat scraps and my food!

Naughtiest Thing I've Done: Marked my territory in other dogs' homes.

Meet each of our canine blood donors and learn a little about them! We also keep tally of how much blood they have donated over their time as a donor with RRAEC. Also, check out our feline hero board.



Name: Hank

​Nicknames: Stank, Hank the tank, Hanky

Donations: ​6

Favorite Pastimes: Going to the farm, sleeping with my cat, playing with tennis balls and squeeky toys. 

Favorite Foods: Anything that smells good.  

Fun Fact: I was trained for search and rescue! 

Name: Alfie

Nicknames: Alfie DooDoo Head

​​Donations: 5

Favorite Pastimes: Playing with my Caterpillar toy, going to the park, playing with my Great Dane sister and my pooper scooper (dad).

Favorite Foods: Cheese

Fun Fact: I am a retired race dog, I have run 160 races in my life!

Name: Kailani

Nicknames: Kai, Ronie, Puppers

​​Donations: 5

Favorite Pastimes: Fetch, swimming, riding in the car, bonfires, more fetch, more swimming

Favorite Foods: Peanut butter! (..a lot)

Fun Fact: My favorite music is Jazz!  

Name: Addie Jo Ann

Nicknames: Dire Wolf, Polar Bear, Lady Big Butt

​​Donations: 1

Favorite Toys: Stuffed Bear (may he rest in pieces)    

Favorite Foods: Lorna Doone Cookies!

Something Unique About Me: I can neatly unwrap and consume an entire Subway Sandwich quickly and quietly, leaving only the flat clean sandwich wrapper.   

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