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Name: Hank

Nicknames: Spanky

​​Donations: 1

Favorite Pastimes: Going to work with mom!   

Favorite Foods: Anything!

Naughtiest Thing I've Done: Ate 2 bags of parade candy and puked all over the bed. 

Name: Zeus


​​Donations: 4

Favorite Pastimes: Fetch, playing in the water and mud, chewing on ropes.

Favorite foods: Meat scraps and my food!

Naughtiest Thing I've Done: Marked my territory in other dogs' homes.

Name: Jimmy

Nicknames: Jim or Jimbob

Donations: 6

Favorite Pastimes: Chasing rabbits, playing fetch, visiting grandpa, wrestling with my canine brother Gus, and getting baths from my feline sister Cynder. 

Favorite Foods: Anything and everything   

Name: Griffin

Nicknames: Griffy, Shark Bait, Griffindor

​​Donations: 2

Favorite Pastimes: Jumping and bouncing, playing with his best friend Nigel and brother Gauge. 

Favorite Foods: ​People food, treats, anything

Naughtiest Thing I've Done: ​Ripped apart one of my mom's books, eat out of the litter box. 

Name: Alfie

Nicknames: Alfie DooDoo Head

​​Donations: 5

Favorite Pastimes: Playing with my Caterpillar toy, going to the park, playing with my Great Dane sister and my pooper scooper (dad).

Favorite Foods: Cheese

Fun Fact: I am a retired race dog, I have run 160 races in my life!

Name: Kailani

Nicknames: Kai, Ronie, Puppers

​​Donations: 4

Favorite Pastimes: Fetch, swimming, riding in the car, bonfires, more fetch, more swimming

Favorite Foods: Peanut butter! (..a lot)

Fun Fact: My favorite music is Jazz!  

Name: Chocolate Chip

Donations: 4

Favorite Pastimes: Fetch, fetch, fetch, pool time, fetch, wrestling with my canine sister Caramel Roll, fetch, being near my people, fetch, barking, more fetch, and pool time.

Favorite Foods: All foods are a go, except lettuce and spinach.    

Name: Millie

Nicknames: Mils

​​Donations: 1

Favorite Pastimes: Going to the dog park   

Favorite Foods: Anything!

Fun Fact: I can clear a 4 foot fence from a sitting position just to get those darn squirrels!

Name: Gauge

Nicknames: Gaugie or Gaugers

​​Donations: ​4

Favorite Pastimes: Fetch, swimming, laying in the pool, playing in water, wrestling with his canine brother Griffin, hunting, playing with his dino toys. 

Favorite Foods: I will eat almost anything!​Naughtiest Thing I've Done: Counter surfing for people food, took an entire slice of pizza from my mom's plate.   

Canine Hero Board

Name: Mercedes

​​Donations: ​8

Favorite Pastimes: Going to the farm, running with my mom, agility, sharing my home with foster doggies.

Favorite Foods: Sugar snap peas, popcorn. 

Naughtiest Thing I've Done: I've stolen a ham, a cheeseburger, and a sub sandwich from my mom's friends. 

Name: Spyder

Nicknames: Spyder Monkey, Spydee, Spy

​​Donations: 4

Favorite Pastimes: Volunteering at the library in the Paws to Read program, going to Petco, playing with my monkey and spider toys. 

Favorite Foods: Cheez-its and 'Nilla wafers

Fun Fact: I am a retired race dog!  

Name: Bloo

Nicknames: B, Bebo, Blooregard Q., Kazoo, Tiny One

​​Donations: 3

Favorite Pastimes: Playing with my Kong ball (the only thing I can't chew apart) and going to Grandma and Grandpa's on Little Pelican Lake.

Favorite Foods: Peanut butter!

Naughtiest Thing I've Done: Tore apart a garbage can and threw a garbage party in the living room!

Name: Kya

Nicknames: Kya Monster, Pretty Girl

​​Donations: 2

Favorite Pastimes: Going to the lake

Favorite Foods: ​Peanut butter

Naughtiest Thing I've Done: Ate "snacks" from the kitty boxes

Name: Molli

Nicknames: Molluse

​​Donations: 1

Favorite Pastimes: Going to Grandma's house, playing with my Kong toy.  

Favorite Foods: ​Eggs

Naughtiest Thing I've Done: Chased a rabbit down the street and didnt listen to my dad when he told me to come back!

Name: Dillon

Nicknames: Willis

​​Donations: 3

Favorite Pastimes: Playing with my Kong and driving around the countryside. 

Naughtiest thing I've done: Ate burgers off the counter.  ​

Fun Fact: I flew from Texas as a puppy!

Name: Joker

Nicknames: Joker Boker

​​Donations: 3

Favorite Pastimes: Playing with any toy my sister is playing with, and going to the Vet

Favorite Foods: Anything and everything

Naughtiest Thing I've Done: Hog the blankets and kick mom and dad off the bed. 

Name: Cletus

Nicknames: Cletus Leroy

​​Donations: 3

Favorite Pastimes: Playing with my T-Rex Kong stuffy, cruising around the section. 

Favorite Foods: ​Anything!

Naughtiest Thing I've Done: There's too many to list! 

Name: Maeby

Nicknames: Maeby Moo, Maebs

​​Donations: 3

Favorite Pastimes: All the dog testing of new dogs into 4luv of dog rescue, which is my favorite place to go for new friends! 

Favorite Foods: ​Life cereal

Naughtiest Thing I've Done: Pottied in the basement! 



Name: Hank

​Nicknames: Stank, Hank the tank, Hanky

Donations: 4

Favorite Pastimes: Going to the farm, sleeping with my cat, playing with tennis balls and squeeky toys. 

Favorite Foods: Anything that smells good.  

Fun Fact: I was trained for search and rescue! 

Name: Berkley

Nicknames: Berks

​​Donations: 2

Favorite Pastimes: Going to the dog park. 

Favorite Foods: ​Peanut butter

Naughtiest Thing I've Done: Ate holes in the wall and my mom's Uggs. 

Name: Dinah

Nicknames: Bear

​​Donations: 3

Favorite Pastimes: Swimming at the lake and playing with my moose antler.

Favorite Foods: ​Kong Cheese

Naughtiest thing I've done: Chase the horses through the fence.

Name: Josie

Nicknames: Josie girl

​​Donations: 3

Favorite Pastimes: Going to the lake, pheasant hunting, placing socks in their "right spot" around the house.  

Favorite Foods: Bark box treats and my dog food!

Naughtiest Thing I've Done: Dug a big hole in mud by the side of the house, spraying mud all over the house, patio, and myself right before mom had to work! 

Meet each of our canine blood donors and learn a little about them! We also keep tally of how much blood they have donated over their time as a donor with RRAEC. Also, check out our feline hero board.

Name: Rolex

Nicknames: Pup

​​Donations: ​7

Favorite Pastimes: Trail riding, playing with his puppy

Favorite Foods: Pizza bones

Naughtiest Thing I've Done: Ate an entire pizza off the counter!