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End of Life Decisions and Euthanasia 

During this difficult time, please know we truly care about your pet and your family. We are here for you and are willing to do our best to make you comfortable during an impossible moment.

We have special treats, blankets, beds and comfortable visiting space available for you and your beloved pet. We will do our best to accommodate the time you want to spend with your pet and family. We work hard to make sure all of your accommodations are met, but do not hesitate to ask for anything. 

What does ‘being present’ mean?

We give clients the option to be in the room with their pet during the euthanasia with the Veterinarian. If you do not want to be with them while they are euthanized, you can visit with your pet before and after – whatever you are comfortable with. You can change your mind after signing the consent form, please just let us know.

Why does my pet need an IV catheter?

We borrow your pet to our treatment area to place an IV catheter. This ensures venous access, with minimal discomfort to your pet, to aid in giving proper medications. We understand it is hard to part with your pet during this time, but utilizing our treatment area helps the process run smoothly, so you can spend more time with your pet.

What are my options after euthanasia?

While filling out our consent form, options for after care are available to choose from. These options include taking your pet home for at home burial, or having your pet cremated through cremation service. Through this service your pet can be cremated individually and their ashes can be returned to you, or cremated without ashes returned to you.

What do my pet’s ashes arrive in?

Individually cremated pets are presented in a tin urn, in a secured bag, in a satin pouch. This is for ease of transferring ashes to a new urn if you please. If you would like a specialized urn, please ask for the options available.

When will my pet’s ashes be ready?

Ashes take approximately 2-3 weeks to be returned to our clinic for pick up. If you need them mailed to your home, please let someone on our staff know.

Is my pet sedated before the euthanasia?

We do not sedate your pet without your permission. If we feel your pet is highly stressed, we may offer it to calm them. If you would like your pet sedated before the IV catheter placement, or before the euthanasia, please let us know.

What happens during the euthanasia?

During the euthanasia, your pet is given a medication in their IV catheter. This medication does not hurt, and your pet peacefully passes. Some pets can show muscle twitching or look like they are still breathing after for a short period of time– this is normal even though they have passed. It is common for pets to void their bladders or defecate after passing. There is no need to feel embarrassed about this, we will take care of it after you are finished visiting.

Do you have further or more specific questions?
Please ask any of our staff if you are unsure or uncomfortable about anything. We are here to help you and your pet and want you to feel you can ask us anything.

Commonly Asked Questions