RRAEH Blood Bank


4491 23rd Ave S

Fargo, ND 58104

Open 24/7

RRAEH is currently accepting canine blood donors into our blood bank program.

If you are interested in your dog becoming a blood donor, please fill out the form below. Based on this information and need for blood, we will be in contact to set up an examination appointment. For more information see Blood Bank FAQ. Check out our Canine Hero Board or Feline Hero Board to see all of our donors! Also, like us on Facebook for updates and fun stories!

Blood Donor Requirements:

1-8 years of age

Weigh more than 50 pounds

Up to date on all core vaccines

Currently taking monthly flea/tick and heartworm preventatives

Friendly to strange people and animals

Please refrain from calling the clinic for the status of your submission form, we will contact you as the need for blood products arises. 

Red River Animal Emergency Clinic

Emergency Veterinarian